Of course, the movie industry has produced countless stars which lend themselves very nicely to caricature. Hopefully I don't need to name the icons depicted on this page - if I do then I will simply destroy the originals!

This is only a very small sample of my 'movie portfolio'. Other stars portrayed in watercolour include Mulder and Scully of 'The X-Files', Charlie Chaplin and Leonardo Di Caprio.

Why not e-mail me to request a complete list?
The Eyes Must Have It.... The fundamental principle of any portrait is to ensure that the finished work does actually look like the subject - without this, the painting is just ‘of somebody’. Unfortunately, the concept of caricature often deviates from this with emphasis being placed on the accentuation of a specific ‘trademark’ feature or trait. However, I have a simple philosophy - it’s ‘all in the eyes’. Whilst it is important to ensure that the final face is faithful to the subject, it is the eyes which make the painting come to life. Without that correct look, that certain glint or that specific, expressive twinkle the painting has failed. To avoid this, all of my paintings start with the eyes to guarantee that there is much, much more than ‘a passing likeness’ to stars, friends or family.
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