Rock the Boat is a producer and supplier of high-quality gear for rowers and the rowing fraternity ranging from tee-shirts through crew kit to formal dress and even gift items. Click here to visit the store.
The rush of adrenalin. The thrill of the chase. Come forward ready….Attention….GO! Whether rowing in an eight or single sculling there can be nothing as exhilarating as winning a regatta or head. This could be at club level or it could be at Henley. The National Championships or World Veteran Championships. The net result is still the same - pewter in the hand as just reward for all of that intense Winter training! What better for a birthday, Christmas or congratulatory gift than a unique caricature of the rower or sculler in their club kit? You'll definitely not find these in the shops! As with all individual commissions, all I need is a clear photograph of the subject or subjects, the crew or college for which they row and any other pertinent details which may be incorporated into the caricature.
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